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How To Stay Healthy While At University

Even if you were perfectly healthy when you came to university, if there’s one place you can guarantee to get ill, it’s here. Late nights, a not-so-healthy diet, and mixing with a new group of people are all reasons why stories of “Fresher’s Flu” are heard all over the country.

Being away from home without a parent there to look after you can make you feel even worse, but knowing what to do when you’re ill is all part of growing up and the faster you learn the better.

To make sure you stay happy, healthy, and know what to do when you’re unwell, here are some top student health tips. 

Register with your local GP And Dentist

You never know when an illness or dental problems might strike and you don’t want to find yourself unable to receive treatment because you haven’t registered with the local GP or dentist in your university town.

You can usually sign up at your Fresher’s Fair but if this isn’t an option for you make registering with the local healthcare providers a priority for your first week..

Take your vitamins and eat your five a day

Taking a good daily multivitamin and trying to eat as many portions of fruit and veg as you can manage will help you to be healthier and less likely to become ill. Whether that means snacking on an apple on the way to class or making sure you have peas with you dinner tonight, just don’t forget your fruit and veg.

Put something on the end of it

This might sound like Jeremy Kyle, but contraception, and the lack of it, is a major issue in university. Lads, if you’re going to have sex make sure you wear a condom, even if she’s using another form of contraception. Ladies, is a good time worth the risk of pregnancy and STDs?

If you do forget to use contraception or you have a sexual health issue, see your GP, university nurse, or visit your local GUM clinic ASAP.  

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