Going to University can be daunting, add in the cost and you may have second thoughts. We have all the answers which will help you sail through the process.

Loans & Funding

Our team have gathered helpful information to  guide you through your loan and funding options for university - what you should consider, who you should speak to and much more..


With certain courses you can apply for a bursary to help you get the course you always wanted. We will compile the sources for bursaries here, so check if you can get a helping hand.

A Guide to Applying for Student Finance – Everything You Need to Know 

With tuition fees a maximum of £9250 per year this can seem like a lot of 'debt' to get yourself into, but most finance experts agree that getting a student loan to pay for university is a more sensible option than trying to pay your fees upfront. 

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Student Budgeting

For most students, being at university is the first time they’re in control of paying bills, shopping for food, and making sure they’ve got enough money for everything they need.

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Budgeting Tips!

We asked student's who attended our Money Doctors budgeting workshops if they could suggest any budgeting or money saving tips and here are the results:

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Student tax issues: what if you work while studying?

Even with student loans, student grants if you can get them and help from parents and family, many students find themselves short of money at university. Taking a part-time job or working in the holidays is a brilliant way to make yourself more financially independent and get some valuable work experience at the same time.

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Renting a property

Renting a property for the first time can be a daunting experience for a student. While there is plenty of legislation in place to protect you it usually relies upon others involved in the process doing their part - something that does not always happen.

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Apply For Student Finance: What It Means For You

The introduction of tuition fees has caused a great deal of confusion about the true cost of going to university. The question of student finance has become a serious issue for many potential students, with some even being put off going to university by the idea of amassing huge debts.

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Student Finance England- Advice for the Fresher

Student Finance England processes over one million student finance applications every year and figures from 31 July show that over 630,000 students are already ready to be paid once they register and attend university.

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Student Finance - The Definitive Guide

Every student in the UK who goes to university to study for their first degree can apply for student finance. This pays for your tuition (direct to the university) and you could also apply for a maintenance loan.

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Young Persons Railcard

Aged 16-25 or a full time student aged 26 or over? Save 1/3 off most standard class rail fares throughout Great Britain with a 16-25 Railcard.

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How to Create the Right Budgeting Plan for You

Unless you’re lucky enough to go through university being financed by someone with unlimited resources then chances are you’re going to need to create some kind of budget to see you through without running out of cash.

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