Results Day Survival Guide - A Level Results Day

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Helping you get through results day

A Level results day is a time of mixed emotions and you’ll probably want to laugh, cry, be sick, jump around, and run screaming through your college corridors all at the same time. Whether you achieve the results you want or you don’t quite make it results day really is a rollercoaster ride of feelings.

To help you think straight and get through the big day here is our results day survival guide:

The day before…

It’s time to be prepared for all eventualities and have a plan ready in case you don’t get the results you need to get into your first choice university. Make a shortlist of all the courses and universities you would be prepared to consider when you’re going through the Clearing process.

Get any university related letters together just in case you need to call your university to discuss your results. You may need your UCAS id or a specific university identification number.

Article _whendoesclearingstart 03It’s also worth getting online and making a note of any departmental or helpline numbers for your university so that you know who to phone without having to waste time searching for numbers on the day.

Save your minutes, top up your phone credit, and make sure you put it on charge. If your results are good you’ll need to tell everyone you’ve ever known that you’re a genius. If your results aren’t so good you’ll need to call your Clearing shortlist and find a place at university.

On the day…

  • Skip the caffeine – it won’t help your nerves and you’ll need to keep a clear head in case you need to talk to universities.
  • Article _whendoesclearingstart 02Make sure you have everything you need: student id card, all university related letters, pen, paper, calculator, mobile phone, and anything else you need to get through the day without any major dramas.
  • Buy a copy of The Independent and not for some light reading. The Independent is the only newspaper that publishes all of the official UCAS clearing listings so you might find you need it.

Most of all, just keep calm!