UCAS Clearing Course List Information

Clearing is the UCAS process of matching universities with course vacancies to students without university offers. You’ll be eligible to enter Clearing if you applied to university after 30th June, declined all of your offers, weren’t made any offers, or didn’t meet the requirements of your offers.

If you applied to university after 30th June you’ll be automatically entered for Clearing and your application will be sent to universities to review. Clearing officially opens on A Level results day, 15th August 2024, and this is when a full list of course vacancies will be published.

There are two places you can find the full list of course vacancies: on the UCAS Track website and in The Daily Telegraph newspaper. You can use these lists to make a note of any courses or universities that you might be interested in applying to.

The advantage of using the UCAS Track website is that it is regularly updated so you won’t waste time calling universities to ask about places that have already been filled.

You’ll also need to use the UCAS Track website to add a Clearing choice once you’ve been made an offer. After that you’ll need to wait for the university to confirm your offer before you’ve got a definite place.

Remember that you’ll need your Clearing Number before you call universities to ask about course vacancies. You’ll also need your A Level results and it’s helpful to have a pen and paper ready in case you need to make any notes.

Although the course vacancy lists are the first place you should look it might also be worth calling a university to ask about vacancies if you’re really desperate to go there. Many universities know they can fill vacancies without having to advertise so a quick phone call might get you the offer you’ve been dreaming of.

Being organised and calling until you get an offer is the key to being successful during Clearing. If you don’t get through to a university then send a short, polite email and keep trying throughout the day.