A Level Results Day

This year A Level results day is being held on 15th August 2024, in England and SQA results day is 6th August 2024. Here is our guide to results day, regardless of whether you meet your firm offer or not:

What to take with you

It’s a good idea to take a pen and paper with you, your UCAS letter with your UCAS number and conditional grades offer information, contact details for your firm and insurance offers.

If you think that you might go through Clearing then it’s also worth buying a copy of The Daily Telegraph as this is only newspaper that publishes a full list of Clearing course vacancies.

If you’ve met your firm offer

Congratulations! You don’t need to do anything except wait for UCAS to send you your AS12 letter through the post.

If your results are better than you expected then you have the option to go through Adjustment to look for a place at a university that requires higher entry results. You’ll have five days to do this from the day that your conditional offer changes to an unconditional offer.

If you haven’t met your firm offer

This can be disappointing but don’t worry – Clearing is your chance to get a place at a different university or on a different course. Get on the UCAS Track website and find your Clearing Number. Then put together a list of potential universities and courses you might be interested in and start phoning.

If you’ve met your insurance offer

Congratulations! Just like with meeting a firm offer you don’t need to do anything except wait for your AS12 letter in the post.

Once you’ve received this letter you’ll need to use the change of circumstances for (CO1) to update your student loan information.

The university has accepted me on a different course

If this happens you’ll see UCC (unconditional changed course) on your UCAS Track page. You’ll have five days to decide whether to accept this offer. If you decline this offer then you’ll go to your insurance offer (if they accepted you) or go into Clearing.