Student Cooking On A Budget

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How to cook great food on a budget

When it comes to students cooking there are two things that usually stand out. One is that their cooking skills might be basic, and another is that they aren’t going to have much money for fancy ingredients.

But have no fear! If this is the first time you’ve been away from home and you don’t know your pork chops from your pasta sauce, we’ve got some tips and tricks that are sure to keep you well fed and your bank balance booming. 

Stock up your cupboards

If you want to eat well but not blow your student loan on gourmet ingredients, stocking up your cupboards with cheap essentials should be your first step. Pasta, rice, and noodles are all budget friendly ways to bulk out a meal and leave you feeling satisfied for longer.

Make sure you have plenty of tinned goods. Tomatoes, beans, and veg are all ingredients that will make a boring pasta sauce or basic mince dish healthier and more interesting. 

Look out for freebies

Keep your eyes peeled at your Fresher’s Fair for free food and drink. University’s often give their new students a warm welcome by handing out bottled drinks, tea bags, and money off vouchers as part of their goodie bags. It might not sound like much, but when you’re a student every little helps.

Get green fingers

Even if you’re living in halls or your shared house doesn’t have a garden, there are plenty of things you can grow in pots on your window sill. Herbs and chilli plants work well in window boxes and if you’ve got room for a grow bag then growing your own tomatoes is both delicious and satisfying.

Shop online

Students spend most of their time online, so you may as well do your food shopping there. Not only will shopping online stop you making purchases for non-essential items, but if you club together with your housemates to do one big shop you could get a discount or free delivery.