Student Cooking - Kitchen Hygiene

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Kitchen Hygiene Top Tips

If this is the first time you’ve lived away from home, thinking about kitchen hygiene might be something you’ve never had to do before. However, if you’re going to stay healthy and avoid spreading bugs and germs around your house, paying attention to this article is probably a good idea.

Food spills, a warm environment, lots of different people using the space, and a relaxed attitude towards the washing up makes student kitchens the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Here are our top tips to keep your kitchen clean. 

Get friendly with the antibacterial spray

It’s important to wipe any surfaces before and after you use them with antibacterial spray. This includes all worktops, chopping boards, the hob, grill, and oven top. Keeping on top of the cleaning will not only make your life easier but it will make it harder for the germs to take hold and grow.

Wash your tea towels

This may sound obvious, but it’s something that a lot of students overlook. If you think about it, it makes sense. After all, what’s the point of wiping your work surfaces if you’re then going to dry them with a tea towel that’s never seen the inside of a washing machine? Throwing them in with your bath towels once a week will keep everything clean and fresh.

Keep your fridge clean

Clean up any spills in your fridge as soon as you spot them and soak all the drawers and shelves in warm, soapy water once a month. Make sure you keep food covered and put any defrosting food on the bottom shelf to avoid it dripping on other food.

Scrub the sink

As well as wiping down all your work surfaces, you also need to keep the sink area clean. Try to give it a wipe down once a day with hot, soapy water or give it a proper scrub every time you do the washing up.

Don’t forget to do the taps, plug hole, and any draining racks or utensil pots you’ve got in the sink area.