Life Sciences Degree Courses

Life Science is an interdisciplinary subject that draws together a range of other subjects, all of which deal in some way with biological or social systems. Everything from Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Psychology is involved, so a real passion for science subjects in a must for all applicants. Life Science can be a perfect fit for anyone with an interest in these areas that remains unsure of precisely where they may want to specialise later. Far from being put off by the broadness of your interests, many employers and postgraduate courses may well view the Life Science graduates overview of the field as a positive advantage.

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Physics Degree Courses

Physics is more popular than ever, with its increased media presence waking many people up to the exciting potential that the discipline holds for exploring the most fundamental building blocks of our universe. Requiring a strong grasp of maths and computing, you will most likely already be aware of whether or not you have the patient, methodical approach that characterises the average Physics student. You will study all aspects of Physics, from the properties of matter and thermodynamics to statistical physics and quantum mechanics. That said, different courses and departments may focus on different areas of the discipline so make sure you do your research about each specific course before applying.

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Science Degree Courses

Science is a vast and inspiring field that seeks to answer the most fundamental questions about the physical world that surrounds us. There are any number of disciplines that fall under the banner of Science, from Astronomy to Natural Sciences, so having an idea of which areas inspire you most is essential before seeking out a course. What applicants to all these courses will have in common is an aptitude for science-based subjects, which will have been demonstrated at school, and a rational and methodical approach to experiment and deduction. Studying Science can lead you down many different avenues, both academically and professionally, and can be hugely rewarding for those who feel inspired to pursue it.

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Why Study Chemistry at University?

Chemistry is a useful science that can be useful in a variety of careers, so there are many answers to this question. Perhaps the first and most important one, however, is because you are interested in chemistry. It can be quite a tough subject and unless it gets you fired up, just a little bit, it can be hard going. If you do have an interest, and you enjoy and are good at the subject, it will open up lots of possibilities for you, both at university and after graduation.

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Why Study Physics?

Yet physics is even more than this. Physics is the search for the fundamental laws of the Universe, a hunt for the building blocks of nature and a "theory of everything".

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