Structural Engineering Degree Courses

Structural Engineering is a specific area of the broader field of Engineering that focuses on its application within construction and architecture. Applicants will have a methodical approach to problem solving and a strong grasp of mathematical principles. As a Structural Engineering degree is based on the application of engineering principles to real world projects there will more than likely be a work placement aspect to the course, alongside project work and exam assessment. Specialisation in a particular field within engineering can offer better job prospects upon graduation, so choosing Structural Engineering could be a sounds option for securing your future, as well as offering an interesting and involving undergraduate experience.

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Some Courses in Structural Engineering:

  • Civil and Structural Engineering (H225)
  • Structural Engineering with Architecture (H1K1)
  • Engineering (Mechanical) (H300)
  • Architectural Engineering Design (HK2D)
  • Construction (022K)
  • Civil Engineering with Foundation Year (H203)