Careers in Engineering with SSTG

Your career as an Engineer with the Ship Safe Training Group Ltd.

A career as a Marine Engineer or Electro Technical Officer can open up possibilities for you that no other industry can. The biggest engines in the world are all onboard, with ships engines now exceeding 25,480Ltr pumping out 80,080 kW from a 2-stroke diesel that’s as tall as a four-storey building! 

We offer sponsored training for Foundation Degree, HND and HNC - but don’t think that this is just an academic course.  Our training programme is designed over 3 years, five phases; three at college and two which will see you at sea getting real, hands-on experience.

All of your training fees will be paid for by your sponsoring company, with a training allowance so there’s no reason for student debt once you complete.  You’ll not only gain an academic qualification, but also a Certificate of Competency that will allow you to work on ships anywhere in the world.  This is an industry which is constantly growing and is increasingly in need of young Engineers – newly qualified Officers can earn in excess of £28,000 tax free while only working for 6 months of the year!  If this sounds like the career for you, then contact the SSTG today!

Recruiting all year round

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