Civil Engineering Degree Courses

Civil engineering encompasses design, development and construction of a wide variety of projects in the built and natural environment. If you are interested in building solid, large scale structures from bridges and airports to multiplexes such as the Millennium Dome, then a degree in Civil Engineering is ideal.  Attention to detail, problem solving, analysis are key skills for a civil

Entry requirements typically require A-level maths, while physics is also useful. Civil engineers are in demand for their technical, scientific and mathematical knowledge and problem solving skills. Career prospects include consulting and contracting, building control and structural engineer. 

Interested in a career as a Marine Engineer?

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A career as a Marine Engineer or Electro Technical Officer can open up possibilities for you that no other industry can. We offer sponsored training for Foundation Degree, HND and HNC which will see you at sea getting real, hands-on experience. Find out more here

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Some Courses in Civil Engineering:

  • Civil Engineering (H205)
  • Civil and Energy Engineering (HH28)
  • Civil Engineering Studies (002H)
  • Civil and Structural Engineering (H210)
  • Civil and Coastal Engineering (H251)
  • Civil Engineering with Disaster Management (H290)