UCAS Clearing - Nursing

Clearing is the UCAS process of matching universities with course vacancies to students without university places. You’ll be automatically entered for Clearing if you applied for university after 30th June 2024, weren’t made any offers, didn’t meet the requirements for your offers, or haven’t yet applied for university.

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UCAS Extra

If you're applying for a full-time place through UCAS and you don't get any offers from the five universities you apply to, don’t despair.

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UCAS Extra - Why You Might Need It

Every student applying to uni is very familiar with UCAS and the UCAS website. Many students make their five choices and start receiving offers soon afterwards. But what happens if you don’t get any offers, or if you don’t like the offers you end up with? What then?

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A Guide To UCAS Track

If you’re applying to university then you’ll be very familiar with the UCAS website by now!

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UCAS Clearing - Medicine

Just in case you’re not sure Clearing is the UCAS process of matching students without university places to universities with course vacancies. You’ll be entered for Clearing if you meet any of the following criteria:

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UCAS Clearing for Medicine

Getting on to a Medicine course is hard work and requires a lot of dedication to show the admissions team that you’ve got what it takes. This means it can be especially disappointing to find you haven’t made it and you’ve been entered into Clearing.

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