Where Can I Get Clearing Advice?

Just in case you don’t already know, Clearing is the UCAS process of matching universities with course vacancies with students that haven’t got a university place.

Taking your exams and getting your A Level results can be a pretty stressful time and it’s no surprise that sometimes things don’t go to plan.

If your results aren’t quite what you expected you could find yourself facing the Clearing process and this can make getting into university even more stressful. But don’t worry – there is plenty of great advice out there to make sure you start university as cool as a cucumber.

Getting the advice you need

Entering Clearing can be a stressful time and it’s good to know that there are places you can look for advice about your future. In case you’re not sure, Clearing is the UCAS process of matching students without university places to universities with course vacancies.

You will be entered for Clearing if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • You applied to university after 30th June 2024
  • You haven’t received any offers from universities
  • You didn’t meet the conditions of your offer from your firm or insurance choices
  • You haven’t yet applied to university

Clearing officially opens on A Level results day, 15 August 2024, and you’ll have until 17 October 2024 to find a university place. This means that you’ll need to be organised and be ready to phone universities as soon as you know you’re entered into Clearing.

If you think you’re going to be entered into Clearing before you get your results it’s helpful to be able to get advice so that you’re prepared on the day. Here are some places you can get advice about Clearing:


Of course, the best place you can get advice on the Clearing process is on the UCAS website itself. This is where you’ll find the full list of Clearing course vacancies on results day and you’ll need to use UCAS Track to enter your course choice once you’ve been made an offer.

The Telegraph

The Telegraph is the only newspaper that publishes the full list of Clearing vacancies on A Level results day so it’s worth picking up a copy on your way to your college or sixth form.

They’ve also got some brilliant advice on their website to help guide you through the tricky Clearing process.


The BBC website has lots of advice both for students and their parents about their options after A Levels, whether that means entering Clearing, taking a gap year, or going in a different direction entirely.

The BBC also often holds Q&A sessions with education experts around exam and results time so you can get your direct questions answered.

Apply to Uni

Obviously we’re biased but the Apply to Uni website contains loads of great advice about the Clearing 2024 process, what your options are, and how to make sure you get into the university of your dreams.

We’ve also got a list of important Clearing dates and advice for worried parents.