Nursing University League Tables

To do well and achieve a good mark in your degree you’re going to need to be happy at your university and be sure that you made the right choice when you applied. However, with so many options open to prospective students it can be hard to narrow down a list of universities to apply to in the first place.

Swanky university prospectuses, helpful opinions from friends and family, and advice from internet forums can all leave students feeling confused about which university to choose as their top choice.

One of the ways to make choosing a university less confusing is to check the rankings on the university league tables. Universities are scored on criteria such as student satisfaction, quality of research undertaken in the university, and the graduate employability prospects.

This gives you the chance to compare universities and choose the ones that rank highly in the criteria that’s important to you. For example, if you want to go to a university that’s well respected in its research field then choose universities that score well for quality of research.

Once you’ve got your shortlist then attending a few open days is the best way of figuring out whether a university is right for you. You might find that you don’t like your top choice visit and that one of your other choices suits you far better.

If you’re looking to apply to study Nursing in 2014 here are the top 10 universities:

  1. Edinburgh – retaining last year’s top place and scoring 100% overall
  2. Nottingham – scoring 99% for graduate employability prospects
  3. Liverpool – scoring 4.36 out of 5 for student satisfaction
  4. Manchester – students have an average of 359 UCAS tariff points on entry
  5. Glasgow – moving up from last year’s 12th place
  6. Southampton – scoring 3.91 out of 5 for student satisfaction
  7. York – scoring 3 out of 4 for quality of research undertaken in the university
  8. Cardiff – moving up from last year’s 11th place
  9. Leeds – scoring 96.8% overall
  10. Ulster – students have an average of 311 UCAS tariff points on entry