The Apply To Uni University League Tables By Subject

There are many things that students have to think about when they’re choosing their university. Location, course structure, assessment method, nightlife, and work opportunities are all considerations for the prospective university student. Another thing that might help you decide which universities to apply to is their ranking on the university league tables.

These days universities can be scored on everything from student satisfaction to best kebab shops and if you’ve got something in particular you want from a university then you can guarantee to find it on a league table somewhere.

University league tables are also often ranked by subject to help students choose the university that offers the best education in the subject they want to study. Whether you want to study Business and Law or Agriculture and Forestry there is a league table out there for your chosen subject.

Here is a league table for the overall top 10 universities for 2014:

  1. Cambridge University
  2. Oxford University
  3. London School of Economics
  4. Imperial College London
  5. Durham
  6. St Andrews
  7. University College London
  8. Warwick
  9. Bath
  10. Exeter

If you want to see the rankings for your chosen subject we also have league tables for subjects such as dentistry, business management, English, History, and Physics. Remember, even if your top university scores well in the league tables it’s still important to attend an open day to see if you really like it. Three years is a long time to spend in a town or city that you don’t like.

If you’ve been wondering which courses come out on top here are the 10 most popular subjects to study:

  1. Business and Management studies – 124,375 total students enrolled
  2. Law – 66,035 total students enrolled
  3. Sociology and social studies – 66,020 total students enrolled
  4. Art and Design – 65,505 total students enrolled
  5. IT and Computer Science – 62,670 total students enrolled
  6. Psychology – 61,055 total students enrolled
  7. Education – 56,200 total students enrolled
  8. Nursing – 53,440 total students enrolled
  9. Biosciences – 45,795 total students enrolled
  10. History – 42,540 total students enrolled 

University League Tables By Subject

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