Law University League Tables

As the second most popular subject to study in the UK it is a course that most universities offer. This causes some stiff competition between universities to get the best students and to be top of the league tables year after year.

As well as causing competition between the universities it also causes competition between potential students as the higher up the league table a university is the more choosy they can be about the students they accept.

For those of you that want to apply to a university in the top 10 you can expect to need higher grades, a near perfect personal statement, and you’ll probably also be asked to interview before being accepted.

If you want to study Law and you’re wondering which university is the best then here is a list of the top 10 universities and details of some of the things they were scored highly on (N.B this list includes criminology, jurisprudence etc.):

  1. Oxford University – scoring 92% for student satisfaction with the course
  2. London School of Economics – scoring 88% for student satisfaction with teaching
  3. Cambridge – scoring 97.1/100 overall
  4. UCL – scoring 80% for graduates in a career within 6 months of graduating
  5. York – scoring 94% for student satisfaction with the course
  6. Queen Mary – scoring 77% for student satisfaction with feedback from the course
  7. Durham – scoring 91% for students satisfied with teaching
  8. Warwick – scoring 83/100 overall
  9. King’s College London – scoring 90% for student satisfaction with the course
  10. Dundee – scoring 81.2/100 overall 

Don’t worry if the university you’ve chosen to go to isn’t in the top 10, or even the top 20, for your subject. The most important thing is that you’re happy in the place you’re living and that you get a good degree at the end of your course.

Spending three or four years in a town or city you hate just because the university scored well in the league tables for your chosen subject isn’t going to make you happy and it’s bound to affect your grades sooner or later.