English University League Tables

Everyone wants to get into a good university and make sure that they’re getting top quality teaching but choosing which university is the best in the first place can sometimes be the hardest part of the university application process.

Everywhere prospective students look there are different opinions on what makes a good university. Some people are only interested in Russell Group universities, other want to know that the local area has a good culture and nightlife.

Of course, the only real way to know if you like a university is to go there, whether that’s for an open day, private tour, or simply spending a weekend in the university town.

However, creating a shortlist of universities to visit can be hard, especially if you’re applying for a degree such as English which is so popular that most universities offer it.

One way to make a shortlist of good universities is to check their rankings in the university league tables. All of the universities are ranked on criteria such as student satisfaction with the course, quality of research undertaken in the university, and graduate employability prospects.

This gives you a chance to compare universities using the criteria that are important to you and choose the ones you like the most to apply to. For example, if you’re worried about what employers think of a university then choose one that ranks highly for graduate employability prospects.

If you’re applying to study English in 2014 here are the top 10 universities with details of some of the things they were scored on:

  1. Durham – scoring 4.39 out of 5 for student satisfaction
  2. Cambridge – scoring 98.4% overall
  3. University College London – scoring 77% for graduate employability prospects
  4. Exeter – moving up from last year’s 7th place
  5. Oxford – moving down from last year’s 1st place
  6. York – scoring 96.7% overall
  7. Warwick – new students have an average of 518 UCAS points on entry
  8. St Andrews – scoring 2.95 out of 4 for quality of research undertaken in the university
  9. Bristol – scoring 95.6% overall
  10. Leeds – scoring 95% overall