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If you’ve studied in Scotland you might be wondering how having grades from another country affects your chance of getting into UK universities. Don’t worry, the UCAS points system will make sure that your qualifications are recognised on the same level as other post-GCSE qualifications.

The Scottish Higher has been the main route for pupils in Scotland to get into higher education since 1888 and aims to provide a broad general education to Scottish students. The Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers are the top level of Scottish secondary education.

Generally students who wish to go to university who be expected to take between three and five Highers during their fifth year of secondary education. Students can also take Advanced Highers which replaced the former Certificate of Sixth Year Studies in 1999.

Using the UCAS points system allows Scottish students to apply for UK universities and be judged by the same standards as those who have taken “A” Levels, or the equivalent Welsh or Irish qualifications.

If a student takes an Advanced Higher then the points they gained during their Higher qualification for that subject will not be counted. Points from Higher qualifications only count if the student did not go on to complete an Advanced Higher in that subject.

In 2011 it was decided that Level 2 qualifications would only be allocated UCAS points if they met both of the following criteria:

  • The qualifications are broad skills qualifications : Key Skills, Core Skills, Essential Skills, Essentials Skills Wales, Functional Skills
  • The qualifications are being studied as part of a wider composite qualification – for example the Welsh Baccalaureate or 14-19 Diploma

You can find the UCAS points tariff table for other Scottish qualifications here including information for Scottish National Certificates, Scottish Interdisciplinary Projects, NPA PC Passports, and Core Skills.

Here is the UCAS points tariffs table for Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers:

Advanced Higher

A – 56 UCAS points

B – 48 UCAS points

C – 40 UCAS points

D – 32 UCAS points



A – 33 UCAS points

B – 27 UCAS points

C – 21 UCAS points

D – 15 UCAS points