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Zoology Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by animals and the natural world. Throughout my childhood we had a variety of pets ranging from the usual cats and dogs to the more unusual quails and African snails. It was this early introduction to the amazing species found in the animal kingdom that inspired me to want to study Zoology in later life.

As I grew older I became more interested in the biological aspects of different species and how they ‘work’. With this in mind I worked hard to achieve good grades in Biology at school and spent many hours independently researching animals and how they functioned at a biological level.

As well as Biology I also excelled in the other science-based subjects and enjoyed Geography, Mathematics, and Modern Foreign Languages, in particular Spanish.

During my final years at secondary school and throughout college I held a weekend and holiday position as a groom for one of the top stud farm and livery yards in the country. This was a highly responsible position and I was often left in sole charge of the owner’s valuable stallions and other livestock.

This role taught me a lot about the characteristics and behaviour patterns of horses and how they interact both with each other and with humans and other species. I was involved in all practical tasks and was able to gain a better understanding of how artificial insemination works and the science behind it.

Outside of school and work I enjoy an active lifestyle and regularly compete my own horses, mostly at county level, although I have also competed at national show jumping competitions. I am also a volunteer puppy walker for my local Dogs for the Disabled group which involves fostering the puppies during their training and attending training and socialisation classes with them, as well as the managing their daily care.

I hope that by studying Zoology I will further develop my skills and knowledge of animals and this will enable me to gain a position working with animals, possibly at a zoo. 

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