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Personal Statement Samples

There are plenty of personal statement examples out there, including on this website! It doesn’t matter how obscure your degree course is there are going to be examples of a personal statement somewhere.

Some university websites will have one or two examples of personal statements on their admissions page. Usually these are for common subjects such as English or Mathematics. Others have generic examples of personal statements for example for science based subjects or a Humanities based degree.

There are also plenty of free examples of personal statements available online. Simply typing “Where can I view some personal statement examples?” into your search engine will give your thousands of examples of personal statements for every type of degree you can imagine.

Nearly all student websites have a section where you can view and discuss personal statements and get advice on how to make yours stand out. Some subjects might not be as common as others but you’re bound to find other students that are in the same boat as you.

Your school or college will also have examples of personal statements that you can view. Talking to your class teacher or career counsellor might help you decide what to say and what works well in a personal statement and what doesn’t.

If you’ve been having trouble deciding what to say in your personal statement or you’re not sure about the structure then looking at what other students have written can help answer some of your questions.

However, not all of the personal statements you find on the internet are good examples and it’s important to recognise what doesn’t work. Poor structure, sentences that don’t make sense and skimming over key details are all things to avoid.

It’s also important to only use examples for guidance rather than copying them. All admissions offices will use plagiarism software and they won’t take kindly to you copying large amounts of other people’s work. Your personal statement is your chance to demonstrate what makes you unique and copying someone else’s work isn’t doing that very well!

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