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Town Planning Personal Statement

Sample Statement

I firmly believe that the quality of your house can affect how confident you feel and your ability to achieve well in life. Communities need, and deserve, high quality homes, public services, recreational facilities, and employment to thrive and town planning plays a big role in all of those areas.

At school I was very interested in both geography and sociology, particularly in how different environments affected the economic stability and daily lives of certain groups of people.

This was reflected in my A Level choices as I took the following subjects: Geography, Economics, Sociology, and Graphic Design. I feel that taking these subjects has equipped me with a strong foundation in the skills and knowledge I will need to take an undergraduate degree in Town Planning.

To further my knowledge I undertook a period of work experience within my local council offices. During this time I shadowed the Duty Planning Officer, a Supported Housing Officer, and spent time in the Planning Department.

This experience allowed me to see how social, commercial, and supported planning decisions affect the lives of the local people involved. My time with the Planning Department also helped to inspire a further interest in the need for suitable housing for the ever growing UK population.

Outside of education I am a keen traveller and like to combine my travels with volunteering experiences. My favourite trip so far has been to Nigeria to help a community build a school and teach the first intake of students English.

I am currently planning a trip for next summer to a school in India and I hope to have further opportunities to travel during my time at university.

When I am not travelling I am a committed sportsperson and am a member of both my local football team and running club.

I feel that my personal attributes as a committed, determined, and passionate person make me an ideal candidate for this course. This course will help me to achieve the necessary academic qualifications and work placement experience I need to succeed in my chosen career.  

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