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Sport Science Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

From an early age I enjoyed an active, outdoor lifestyle and have always been involved in various sports teams. Starting at the age of seven I have been a member of our local football team, moving up the age categories and helping the team become one of the best in the area.

Although football is my main interest I am also a member of other local sports teams including cricket and rugby. When I am not playing team sports I am a regular runner and swimmer, and have recently become interested in weight training and body building.

Throughout my school career I was an active player in the school football, rugby, tennis, and athletics teams, working with the other team members and our coaches to achieve many prizes and trophies.

Sport has had a major impact on my life and I understand the dedication and hard work it takes to become a top sportsman. Many of the great sportsmen and women have inspired me from childhood including David Beckham, Paula Radcliffe, and American athlete Dick Fosbury.

Outside of school I combine my sporting activities with working part-time in my local supermarket. This role has helped me to further develop my teamwork skills, as well as teaching me the value of good communication and being able to use my own initiative.

During Year 10 I completed a work experience placement at my local primary school where I gained hands-on experience of what working with young child is really like. It was this work experience, and my time spent being a voluntary coach for my local under 11’s football team, that prompted my decision to become a Physical Education teacher.

I feel that my achievements and dedication in my own preferred sports can help inspire a younger generation to be passionate about sport and encourage them to have an active lifestyle.

I hope that studying Sports Science to degree level will help me develop my skills and give me a better understanding of the human body. I then aim to complete a PGCE course and become a teacher.

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