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Social Policy Personal Statement

Sample Statement

Anyone who watches the news will know that there are a number of social issues we face both in the UK and as a part of the wider world. Modern society is ever changing and decisions about what is best for society are increasingly being made by politicians and the government.

Whether social policies should be made by the government or by local organisations is a debate that I, along with many others, strongly believe needs to be researched, explored, and questioned. Allowing communities more control over the policies that directly affect them is a change that many have been campaigning for in recent years.

Studying Sociology and Politics at A Level has given me the opportunity to explore many of these issues and given me a more in depth insight into today’s society. The more I learn the more my passion for the subject has been confirmed.

Both subjects have allowed me to form a strong foundation for my beliefs and be able to construct concise, valid arguments to support them. My oral and written communication skills have been greatly improved by taking these subjects.

I also studied History which I feel gave me the chance to study society through the ages and see how political and social change affected past generations. I found comparing historical changes with contemporary situations particularly interesting and useful to my understanding of society.

Outside of school I am involved in my local amateur dramatics society, both as an actor and in set and costume design, which gives me the chance to think creatively, improve my communication skills, and work as a team with a diverse group of people.

I feel that the skills and experience I have gained both academically and personally make me an ideal candidate for a Social Policy degree. I look forward to the challenges that study social sciences at a higher level will bring.

I hope that the further academic qualifications and work experience I will gain during my course will enable me to make a real difference in society once I have graduated. 

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