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Radiography Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

The human body is a fascinating thing. It is staggeringly complex, yet in many ways beautifully simple. When it works as it should, it is amazingly efficient and elegant, and even when things go wrong, and the body’s ability to heal itself is quite remarkable. 

Ever since I had an X-ray on a broken arm as a small child I have been fascinated with what lies beneath my skin. The blood and bones, organs and vessels, things that most people barely give a second thought to, intrigue me. I remember pestering my Mum to take me for another X-ray, and being really disappointed when she said this was not possible.

As I grew up, I realised that rather than going to such extreme lengths, I could become a radiographer myself and see these incredible images every day. I feel that radiography will give me the opportunity to study the body in intricate detail through advanced imaging techniques, spotting injuries and diseases and helping people to get the treatment they need to get their bodies back to health again. I have steered my studies to achieve this aim, taking sciences at A-level, taking a separate ICT course to improve my computing skills and reading as much as I can get my hands on to prepare me for this course.

Knowing that interaction with the patient is a key part of the job, I have gained valuable work experience at a local computer store. This has been very relevant, as just like patients in a hospital radiography unit, our customers often have very little knowledge of the technology on offer, and need a friendly, informed assistant to talk them through it. I enjoy explaining what the different PC equipment and peripherals do and how they can help people.

I am a keen member of the school rugby team, and enjoy the way that the different elements of the side have to work together to achieve the right result. This is very similar to the way that I will have to work as part of a multi-disciplinary medical team. I am also a school prefect, taking responsibility for standards of behaviour amongst pupils, and I am part of the ‘Buddy Programme’ that guides new pupils through their first year at senior school. Both of these roles have shown me how to interact with young people in times of need, which again will be valuable experience.

In my spare time I enjoy detective fiction and movies, and I always try to beat the hero to the answer. I love piecing together evidence and coming to a conclusion, even if I am sometimes way off base. This is usually more due to the authors’ tricks than my own misjudgment, and I would expect that diagnosing medical problems via radiography will not have quite the same unexpected twists as a Conan Doyle novel.

I hope that I have communicated my passion not only for radiography, but also for helping people through my work. I believe that with the training offered on this course I could become a respected professional radiographer and really make a difference to people’s health and wellbeing.

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