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Physics Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

I find the idea of studying a subject that deals with the fundamental concepts of life a very exciting proposition. The study of Physics is central to our understanding of life, humanity, and how our world works.

I am particularly interested in how Physics can be put to practical use in our everyday lives and how new developments and ideas in the science industry can change the way we live.

During my time at school I worked hard to achieve high grades in all of the science-based subjects and I also had a strong interest in other subjects such as Geography, which I feel has given me a deeper understanding of the world in general.

At ‘A’ Level I studied all three sciences as well as Geography and Sociology. These studies have helped me gain further insight into how our world and society works, and how our environmental conditions affect the way we live.

In order to gain more experience in both the practical and theoretical side of Physics I organised a work experience placement with the University of Oxford to work with their Department of Science.

This placement enabled me to further develop my teamwork skills whilst working with several research groups. I also improved my independent research skills and was encouraged to trust my instincts and use my initiative when conducting experiments.

Outside of school I have a strong interest in the internet and social media. I run my own ‘blog’ where I discuss the latest scientific findings as detailed in the popular journal, ‘New Scientist’.

I am a keen reader of both fiction and non-fiction texts, I enjoy travelling, watching science fiction films, and practising my cooking skills. I also enjoy playing football and am I member of my local Sunday League team.

After completing my undergraduate degree I hope to continue to study Physics into postgraduate and then doctorate level. I then hope that my experience and skills in the field will allow me to be a part of a research team that can put Physics to practical use and help communities worldwide.

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