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Photography Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

I have been fascinated by the power of the photographic image ever since I first saw Nick Ut’s famous ‘Napalm Girl’ picture of Kim Phuc. I was mesmerised that a simple picture could communicate such sadness, such power and such emotion. As I learned more about the shot, I discovered that the picture had gone far beyond that, changing attitudes thousands of miles away in the USA, and perhaps even changing the course of history. I knew then that I wanted to be a photographer myself.

You only have to look on image sites like Getty Images or Shutter Stock to see the vast range of ideas and emotions that can be captured by a photograph. Not only do pictures paint a thousand words, but they do so in an international language that everyone can appreciate.

It has not been easy to pursue my dream, especially with the high cost of decent photographic equipment, but I was not about to be put off so easily. The local Jessops knew they were on to a good thing when I started working for them at weekends, because they got back every penny I earned in purchases. Nonetheless, this has allowed me to put together a quite impressive set of kit.

My pursuit of a career in photography led naturally to me applying to study a photography course at college. The course is open to students of all ages and this has given me many different perspectives on the subject. My course has also given me access to a wider range of equipment than I was able to get when I was at school. I have been lucky enough to work with black and white and colour film, as well as the very latest in digital cameras. I have also learned basic film processing techniques, and have even persuaded my parents to black out the utility room window so I can practice at home.

My ambition is to become a press photographer overseas, and I would love to capture an iconic image like Nick Ut. However, I am also realistic and I appreciate that there will be a lot of weddings, local newspaper work and cheesey church fetes that I will have to photograph between then and now.

I have an artist’s eye, but sadly not an artist’s hands. I cannot draw or paint in any way that comes even close to the art I can create with my camera. Similarly, I am not particularly sporty, but I can take a cracking action shot of any match to go on the back page. Photography is who I am and what I do and I can’t imagine studying anything else or doing anything else as a career.

I know that this is a highly competitive industry, especially in the area that I would like to work, but I believe that I am good enough to compete and I am not afraid to work hard to get better and hone my craft. This course is the obvious next step for me, and I hope that you will consider my application favourably. 

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