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Philosophy Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

Philosophy is one of the oldest, some might say the oldest, subjects in the world and studying it will give you the chance to ask some of life’s most important questions. If you’re applying to study Philosophy at university and you’re struggling with your personal statement, here is our example to give you a helping hand:

The world, and life, brings many important questions into our minds and I hope that studying Philosophy at a higher level will enable me to answer these questions clearly and logically.

From a young age I always asked a lot of “Why” questions and was very interested in how society works and why humans form certain belief systems and understandings about the world.

At A Level I was able to pick up the study of Psychology and Sociology which helped me to start to answer some of these questions and I hope that studying Philosophy at university will give me further insight into life’s many questions.

As well as achieving high academic standards I also felt it was important to have a good work ethic and learn more about society from a working person’s point of view. During my final years at school and throughout college I worked part time in a busy local restaurant.

Not only did this teach me valuable communication and teamwork skills but it also gave me a valuable insight into how people interact with each other. My part time work also gave me a sense of responsibility and taught me to use my own initiative when faced with challenging situations.

During the holidays I spent some time volunteering as a coach for my local under-10 football team, a sport that I have been passionate about since childhood. I thoroughly enjoy it and hope to volunteer with more youth organisations whilst studying at university.

After completing my degree in Philosophy I am considering a career in teaching. I look forward to the new challenges that life at university will bring and hope that studying will help me make concrete plans for the future.

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