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Nursing Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

Nurses perform a vital role in medicine. Although their role does not carry the status of a doctor or consultant, nurses are at the centre of clinics, surgeries and are a pivotal part of the team that runs wards and hospitals. To be a nurse requires commitment and dedication, qualities that I believe I have and that I am willing to improve during my training and beyond.

I first became interested in what nurses do when I attended regular appointments with my mother and brother, who developed Type 1 diabetes when he was 10 years old. I was nine at the time and although my brother’s problem was worrying, I looked forward to his appointments so that I could see nurses at work. A few years later, I obtained a work placement back at our local GP surgery and it was a thrill to shadow one of the nurses who was still there, caring for children with diabetes.

My commitment to nursing came long before I needed to make choices in education but because my calling to become a nurse was so strong, I focused on the subjects that I knew I would need, working hard to gain an A grade in Biology at GCSE and getting 8 GCSEs overall. At college I chose to do Biology A level, together with psychology and religious studies as I think nursing is just as much about dealing with people as understanding the science behind their medical needs.

All nurses are important but I feel that obtaining a nursing degree will enable me to care for particular groups of patients more effectively. I am particularly interested in working on a neonatal ward. Caring for a very tiny baby is probably one of the most emotionally demanding roles a nurse can do, but potentially one of the most rewarding. I have spoken to several neonatal nurses when I did another work experience placement at my local hospital and gained some understanding of the qualifications and experience required.

At the other end of life, caring for elderly and terminally ill people is another area in which I would like to gain experience. I have great empathy with older people and my Saturday job for 3 years now has been as a general helper/cleaner in a care home. Older people still have a lot to offer and I would like to be part of the move to improve their care, enabling them to participate in normal, everyday activities, even if they can’t manage to live independently.

My biggest interest beyond my college work and nursing is crafts and I have enjoyed sharing this with the older people at the care home, and also with my friends. I raised money for children in need two years running by making hand-made cards, scarves and pendants and selling them at a monthly producer’s market.

My greatest wish is to pursue a career in which I can use all my talents and nursing, with its many opportunities and challenges, offers that and much more. I am motivated and keen to work hard during my three-year nursing course hoping to come out of it with a good degree and good nursing experience.

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