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Music Personal Statements Example

Sample Statement

I love music but I also enjoy a challenge. That is why I have decided to focus on music as my future career rather than just a way to relax. I have had an instinctive feel for playing music, singing and moving to music since I was a small child and I have enjoyed training to improve my skills and to make my playing and singing a pleasure for others. That has not always been easy. It’s a lot of hard work at times but the rewards for sticking with it are very worthwhile.

A university course in music is the next natural step for me and I realise that it won’t be easy. It will be an opportunity to grow as a musician and I look forward to being able to immerse myself in music and to develop my skills both on a personal and academic level. Music for me is relaxing but it is that all-encompassing relaxation that comes with the self-discipline required to practice and improve. Learning to play a musical instrument can be torture, but getting through the difficult stages and learning to make the instrument sound good is so satisfying.

Music needs determination, commitment and skill to be able to make it sound good, but being able to apply your musical achievements to build a career also needs a thorough grounding in the music industry. I want to focus on expanding my musical skills and knowledge but also on where it can take me in the future. Studying at university level seems a very natural next step.

I have looked for music courses that allow flexibility and that will give me the widest experience and appreciation for different types of music and different ways of making it. I want to learn the technical knowledge too, building on my experience with music software I have already been using.

College has been a positive experience for me and I am lucky to have been within an environment that was encouraging and challenging at the same time. My music teachers provided the push we needed to achieve our best but were also realistic in the deadlines that they set. This has made me able to cope well with time pressure and I work consistently and well to finish set tasks, which has given me added confidence. I have a high natural ability, with a good ear, timing and good rhythmic skills but I have learned to become a polished performer and to work well within a group.

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