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Modern Languages Personal Statement 

Sample Statement

As I hold dual nationality, English and French, and am fluent in both languages it was the natural progression for me to want to study other languages. I grew up speaking both English and French at home as my mother is French and wanted me to be able to converse with her family in their native tongue.

At secondary school I was able to pick up the study of German and particularly enjoyed the trip to Cologne that enabled me to practice my German with the locals. This trip greatly improved my confidence in my linguistic abilities as I found I was able to make myself understood, even with a limited vocabulary.

As well as regularly travelling to France I have also explored other European countries. Favourite holiday destinations for me include Germany and Italy and I hope to be able to further my knowledge of both languages on future trips.

During my time at school I discovered that not only did I enjoy learning other languages but I also enjoyed teaching others. This led me to gain teaching experience by undertaking a work placement at my local primary school.

I am currently planning a trip to Peru for next summer so that I can put my teaching skills to good use and teach villagers English. I hope that the skills and experience I have gained will put me at an advantage in my future career.

Outside of my academic responsibilities I have also held a part-time position in my local supermarket throughout my time at college. This role has helped me develop my communication, problem solving, and team work skills.

I look forward to being able to study Modern Languages at a higher level and having the chance to explore the origins, sentence structures, and linguistic patterns in greater detail.

Having an in depth knowledge of a variety of languages will enable me to succeed in what I know to be a very competitive career path. I feel that my experience, skills, and love of travel will help me to get ahead in life.

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