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Marketing Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

Is marketing an art or a science? Is it an informative blessing or an intrusive curse? Everyone has a different opinion on the subject, but for me, marketing is one thing above all; marketing is fun. I believe it has to be, or it simply won’t work. The days of information style announcements are long gone.

These days the advertiser must entertain and amuse their target audience if they want to have any hope of getting their message heard in the melee of modern media. This is the unspoken bargain that we all enter into.

I love the combination of strategy and creativity that makes a really good campaign. I always smile at clever, inventive media buying, where the company has really worked hard to match their product to the TV show or environment that it is being advertised in. I admire teaser campaigns that intrigue you and draw you in, despite our natural cynicism. And I love clever creative ideas that make you laugh and make you buy something, both at the same time.

I have always been a good persuader, and have been able to talk my way into, or out of, pretty much anything from an early age. I have developed this ability into the written word, writing copy that captures the imagination and gets people to act. Whenever there is a school production or a fundraising drive, I am usually called upon to come up with the words, and often the overall theme too.

To back up my interest in marketing, I have chosen my A-levels carefully. I chose psychology to help me understand how people’s minds work and mathematics, so that I could understand the inevitable figures and statistics that are needed to analyse a campaign. I also studied English Literature, partly to hone my writing skills, but also because I love to study other writing styles.

I wish I could say that I had the art skills to back up my marketing aspirations, but sadly I cannot create pictures with pencils and paints as easily as I can with words. Nonetheless, I have taken GCSE Art in my free periods to try and improve what ability I have, so that I can at least communicate my ideas to more skilled artists within a creative team.

I am keen on amateur dramatics, and love the way that a whole team has to pull together to make a production work, from the actors to the kid who works the curtains. I think that this has been good experience for a career in an advertising agency where teamwork is equally important. I also have a part time job at the local Tesco store, where I get to observe first hand how consumers react to the hundreds of different marketing messages they are bombarded with in the store. I am fascinated by human behaviour and relish the chance to see it up close as I anonymously stack the shelves nearby.

My ambition is to work my way up through the industry, building a reputation, until one day I am able to open an advertising agency of my own. 

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