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Law Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

The law is the practical expression of a society’s fundamental definitions of right and wrong. 

As such it offers the best opportunity to protect both our core values and our personal safety. It is the constant, essential debates surrounding the ways in which the law succeeds in these goals, such as the introduction of human rights legislation, and ways in which it fails, such as the disputed legality of the conflict in Iraq, that offers such stimulating prospects for further study. 

While I have proven to be strong in all subjects, gaining A and A* grades at GCSE and predicted top grades at A-Level, I have always found the greatest intellectual satisfaction in subjects that foreground verbal and written debate, such as Religious Studies. In addition to my skill in these areas, my study of Maths has also honed my analytical abilities, meaning that I approach intellectual problems in a methodical manner. This combination of creative flair, communicative ability and a rational approach offers an excellent foundation for study of the law.  

Alongside my academic achievements I have gained employment experience within the field, undertaking four work experience placements, including criminal, property, immigration and family law, and legal precautionary practice within the medical profession. Through these experiences I have gained experience of presenting in the courtroom, shadowing lawyers across a range of departments and reading and summarising a number of cases. I found the experience of visiting courtrooms outside of the UK, and observing the differences across international contexts, particularly fascinating. Equally, observing how issues such as patient privacy are dealt with in hospital legal departments also highlighted the ability of the law to pre-empt particular issues for the protection of both patient and institution. 

It is the flexibility that I observed across these different applications of the law, alongside reading journal articles, newspaper reports and books related to the field, that have inspired me to pursue further study. The fact that the law is, through necessity, ever changing suggests that, as an object of study, it will offer an excellent balance between pragmatic application and consistent intellectual stimulation. 

My extra-curricular activities also demonstrate a balance between creative expression, debate and a pragmatic approach to problem solving. A passion for music and dance has inspired me to reach high grades in a range of dance forms, from Ballet to Modern. I find that the performance aspects of dance also offer opportunities for improving confidence and communication skills. I have also gained prizes in the fields of public speak and acting, demonstrating that I am comfortable putting myself across in a public. These skills have also proven extremely useful, when combined with my intellectual abilities, when taking part in school debates. 

Through sports captaincy; prefect duties; voluntary work and a school for disabled children; offer maths tuition; and training as a member of the Red Cross I have found multiple opportunities to both improve my ability to communicate and instruct, and to indulge my interest in inspiring cohesion within the community. As President of a number of school societies, tasked with raising funds for charity and organising events, I have also gained valuable organisational skills. 

As my commitment to achieving excellence, both in my schoolwork and extra-curricular activities, attests I have both the academic ability and drive to enable me to continue achieving the same high level of performance in future study. Through adopting this positive approach to intellectual challenge, combined with my passion for the field, I feel confident that I can excel in the study of the law.

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