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Law Personal Statement Example for Cambridge

Sample Statement

As a child I was always curious about what made something right or wrong and would often challenge my parents with ethical or moral questions about human behaviour. As I grew older I was able to explore these questions myself and with the help of school subjects such as Ethics, Sociology, and Critical Thinking.

Law is the cornerstone of our society and without it our civilisation would crumble. During my time at college I was able to study Classical Civilisations which gave me an insight into how our modern legal system began in the Greek, and later Roman, courts.

To help me understand how our legal system works today I took part in a school trip to Winchester Crown Court and was able to gain first-hand experience of how a criminal case works and what is involved in building a case against a defendant.

I also undertook a three week work experience placement at our County Court and this gave me a better understand of how Family, Civil, and Criminal Law works. I spent time shadowing both defending and prosecuting barristers which gave me an amazing insight into how my career could be after completing a Law degree with your university.

Outside of my educational commitments I am a keen traveller and have spent much of my time travelling around Europe and learning new languages. I hope that my linguistic skills and travel experience will help to me gain a work placement with a firm dedicated to International Law.

I am also a passionate cook and enjoy trying new foods from the countries I visit when I return home. I aim to further develop my culinary skills throughout my time at university and look forward to the challenge of cooking on a tight budget.

During my time at university I hope to gain as much experience in the different areas of law as I can to help narrow down my career choices. I especially look forward to the different modules of the course giving me a better understanding of what the different areas of law involve. 

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