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International Relations Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

International Relations, the study of how different territories, regions, or countries manage their relationship when they recognise no superior authority over matters they all consider vital, can lead to many exciting career options.

If you’ve been considering apply to study International Relations at university, but are struggling with your personal statement, take a look at our example personal statement:

As well as having a strong interest in travel I have always been interested in the way that different countries work together, or in some cases against each other, both in times of peace and crisis.

Most people will remember where they were at the time of pivotal events in our society, for example 9/11. I myself was at school and remember wondering what action America would be able to take to punish those responsible for the tragedy. As the events following 9/11 unfolded and I learn more about war in school History lessons I became more interested in how countries communicate and how their relationships change over time.

In my final years at school, and later at college, I studied Critical Thinking which allowed me to develop my analytical skills and construct logical debates. At A Level I also studied Politics and Modern History which allowed me to gain an in-depth insight into how countries function and build relationships with others.

I was a member of my Student Council and worked part time throughout my time at college. I feel that both of these roles have given me the chance to build on my communication and teamwork skills.

Outside of school I spend as much time as I can travelling and learning new languages including French, Spanish, German, and more recently, Mandarin Chinese.

I look forward to developing all of my skills, both academic and social, during my time at university. I also look forward to the increased work experience opportunities that studying at university will give to me. I hope that by completing a degree course in International Relations will allow me to work towards a future career in politics.

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