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International Law Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

As well as commerce commonly accepted law is a way of international organisations and countries to communicate and uphold a set of moral codes of conduct for all the world’s citizens to live their lives by.

However despite the best efforts of international law organisations there is still times when the legal system needs to step in and protect the ethical and moral rights of citizens. My aim in studying International Law is to be able to be involved in the international legal system and bring justice to as many people as possible.

During my time at college I not only studied subjects such as Critical Thinking, Ethics, and Politics to enable to me to gain the skills needed to work in International Law but I also studied several languages throughout my educational career.

I am fluent in French, Spanish, and German and have also spent a significant amount of time in many European countries to give me a better understanding of their culture and how a country’s cultural heritage affects its legal system.

At school I undertook a work experience placement with charity UNICEF in their UK Head Office. I was particularly interested in their campaigns for children’s rights all over the world and still regularly donate and help to raise money for their causes.

Outside of my school and employment commitments I am a keen runner, which is one of the ways I help to raise money for UNICEF. Fitness is a very important part of my life and something I hope to continue to enjoy during my time at university.

As I have said above I also enjoy travelling and have a trip to Peru planned for this summer where I am working with a charity to help teach local primary school aged children English.

I hope that my time studying at your university will help me to build on the skills I already have and prepare me for my future career in International Law. I am looking forward to the new challenges I will face both academically and personally at your university. 


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