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Your Starting Point

When you first start writing your personal statement the structure isn’t important. Simply get everything that might be relevant to your chosen degree course down on paper, you can even do it in bullet points if you find it easier.

Subjects you did well in at school, work experience, sports, clubs, and activities can all be used to demonstrate that you have the skills and dedication to undertake a university degree.

If you’re really stuck for ideas then think about two main questions. Firstly, why do you want to study your degree subject? And secondly, what have you done that proves you’re passionate about the subject you want to study?

There is no point in being modest about your skills and experience, this is your chance to show the admission tutors why you’re better than everyone else and why they should give you a place at their university.

A lot of people find it hard to talk about their personal qualities and achievements so it might be worth sitting down with a teacher, friend, or family member and getting them to list any skills, qualities, or achievements that you have that make you unique.

Once you’ve got this list then find some examples to prove your claims. For instance, if you’re trying to show your dedication then a good example is being a long term member of a local sports team. This shows you’re committed, hardworking, and can function well in a team. If you’ve won awards then that’s even better!

Your first draft doesn’t have to perfect, in fact it would be suspicious if it was! Just get everything that you can think of into your first draft and then take a closer look at it and remove anything that isn’t relevant.

Reading examples of personal statements can also help, but be careful to make sure yours is unique. Your personal statement is exactly that, your chance to talk about YOU and your skills, experience, and achievements.

Don’t be modest and don’t worry that the admission tutors will think you’re boasting!

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