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History of Art Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

A career in Education helping others learn and develop their skills can be highly rewarding. However, writing a personal statement is the first step towards an exciting career.

If you need a helping hand with saying the right thing, here is our example personal statement for someone studying Education:

I have always been passionate about learning and hope that by studying Education it will lead to a career where I can inspire others to want to learn more about our world and everything in it.

The positive impact that high teaching standards had on my own childhood has made me want to strive to be the best teacher I can be and earn the respect of my pupils. Being a positive role model for the younger generation is one of my top ambitions in becoming a teacher.

My time at school enabled me to gain a good all round knowledge of the subjects taught in the National Curriculum and I also had the opportunity to spend two weeks in a work experience placement at my local primary school.

During my work experience I assisted the teacher with their class and helped small groups of children with various projects. I supervised children of all primary ages during break times and also attended a school trip to a local tourist attraction as an assistant.

Outside of school I volunteer as a coach for my local under-10 football team and also teach a weekly class at a youth theatre group in another town. This has given me the chance to develop my communication and teamwork skills, as well as giving me a good introduction to teaching young people.

I am looking forward to my course at university allowing me to gain more work experience in a different school and would be interested in assisting with a different age range so I can compare teaching methods between the age groups.

I hope that my time at university will give me the skills, experience, and qualifications I need to have a highly rewarding career in education after graduating.

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