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Geology Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

From an early age I have always been interested in geography and travelling and as I have gotten older I feel that Geology is a highly relevant subject, made easier by the advanced technology we have access to today.

My choice to study Geology at a higher level has also been partly inspired by my Father, who is a practising Geologist, as he helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the subject and encouraged me to want to learn more.

To gain strong foundation knowledge of the subject I made sure to excel in Geography during my time at school and college. I also put in many hours of independent research for both school and personal geography projects.

Outside of school I took part in as many practical Geology studies as I could, mostly with my Father. This has taught me many practical and analytical skills, as well as teaching me how theoretical systems can be applied in field research.

When I am not studying I enjoy travelling as this allows me to learn more about how geography changes from country to country, and how this affects the lives of the people who live there.

I also enjoy playing sports and am a member of many local sports teams including football, cricket, and rugby. I am also a regular swimmer, runner, and cyclist. I enjoy working as a team to achieve a common goal. I strongly feel that my active lifestyle helps me to achieve a correct work/life balance and enables me to be a better student.

I hope that during my time at university I will have the chance to travel and take part in more field work to further develop my skills and understanding of Geology as a practical, as well as theoretical, subject.

Thinking beyond university I hope to put everything I have learnt to good use and follow in my Father’s footsteps by becoming a practising Geologist. I hope that I can use my diverse range of skills and personal attributes to help those people who live in more challenging geographical locations.

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