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Forensic Science Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

I have always been interested in science-based subjects and how they can be put to practical use in our daily lives. I also have a strong interest in crime related television programmes and real life crime cases. It is for this reason that I wish to undertake the formal study of Forensic Science.

One of the areas that I am most interested in is how genetic fingerprinting is used to identify suspects in criminal cases. I look forward to gaining further knowledge in this area and getting the chance to develop my laboratory skills and being part of a team working to solve a crime.

Not only am I interested in the biological aspect of crime solving but I am also fascinated by the workings of the human mind and what drives people to commit crimes. With this in mind I studied Psychology and Sociology at college so that I could better understand the criminal psyche.

During my time at school I held a number of responsible roles including being Head Girl, Chair of the Young Enterprise scheme, and Leader of the Student Parliament. As well as teaching me to communicate effectively I also developed teamwork skills, problem solving abilities, and learnt to use my initiative when faced with a new challenge.

Outside of school I volunteer for my local hospital radio station which involves hosting an evening radio show, taking phone calls from listeners, and collecting song requests from hospital patients.

I also enjoy reading factual books around the subject of Forensic Science and criminal psychology including ‘Fundamentals of Forensic Science’ by Academic Press and Dennis Howitt’s ‘Forensic and Criminal Psychology’.

I hope that by studying Forensic Science to the highest level will enable me to achieve the qualifications and skills I need to gain an entry level role as a laboratory assistant.

After this I hope to work my way up the career ladder and be part of a team solving crimes and helping to bring criminals to justice. I am also considering the possibility of undertaking a MSc after completing my undergraduate degree.

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