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Sample Statement

Teaching is more than a career – it’s a vocation to help children to explore learning and to enable them to reach their potential at every age. Education is about gaining confidence and one of the things that attracts me about going into teaching is the opportunity to help small children be proud of their achievements.

I realised that I wanted to do a degree in teaching when I was doing my volunteering project as part of the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. A local charity had organised a holiday club for primary school children and I helped to arrange to carry out many different activities including sports, games, arts and crafts and music. The children were fun to work with and their enthusiasm was very infectious. I loved seeing their expressions when they were really enjoying something and I felt privileged to have been part of the team that made that possible. Parents were also closely involved and I gained in confidence over the 6 weeks and it made me sure that I want to work with children in my career.

To gain more experience, I approached the primary school nearest to where I live and asked if I could volunteer to work with some of the teachers. The school was very supportive and arranged for me to spend a week there when my college had a different half term. I worked with a teacher in reception and one who was responsible for a Year 6 class. I found it easy to relate to the children and enjoyed helping them read and doing science practicals with the older group. The responsibility that a teacher has was obvious and I am under no illusions about how hard work teaching is, but this week also confirmed to me that helping young children to meet new challenges is immensely satisfying. My need to become a teacher is stronger than ever.

During my time at college I have also held a part-time job in a local pub/restaurant, starting as one of the pot washers and moving on to waitressing. This has taught me to be well organised and to be more confident in dealing with people.

As my main subject at university I have chosen English as I feel that is at the heart of teaching to primary age children but I also have a strong interest in sports and in arts and crafts. I have been swimming since I was four and have completed my life-saver badges and my 100 length certificate. At school I also was a strong member of the netball team and at weekends I participated in gymnastics and athletics, both of which I want to carry on doing at university. Although I don’t think I have a natural artistic talent, I enjoy making things and I have used my baking and paper folding skills to entertain children both at the holiday club and on my school work experience.

Completing a teaching degree is my next big step and I am looking forward to the challenges that this will involve. I know that training to be a teacher and teaching itself is not an easy job but I want to work towards my goal of being a good teacher, and maybe even a Head Teacher one day.

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