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Film Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

For most students the thought of doing a degree that involves breaking out the popcorn and sitting on the sofa watching films is pretty appealing, but studying Film is harder than you think and you have to get onto the course first.

If you’ve been having trouble writing an award winning personal statement here is an example of a personal statement for someone applying to study Film.

Ever since I was a young child I have been fascinated by films and how artists, directors, producers, and actors use film to convey their message to a wider audience. Whether they want to communicate comedy, tragedy, horror, drama, fictional or real life events it can all be captured by the magic of cinema.

As well as a strong interest in film I also have a passion for history and enjoyed combining these two things during school history lessons when we explored how film can be used for propaganda purposes during times of war.

In particular I am especially interested in how film was used during the Second World War by both the Allies and the Nazis to convey negative messages about the opposition and to raise morale.

During the lesson we were required to write a short film script for a propaganda film which first inspired me to start script writing in my spare time. Outside of school I attend writing workshops to further develop my skills and I hope to submit my scripts to an agency in the near future.

A work experience period with a local media company enabled me to gain a more in-depth insight into the industry and to develop my media production abilities. This period also helped me to develop my communication and teamwork skills. I gained a real sense of responsibility and achievement by completely this placement, as well as good references from my manager.

I hope that my time at university will give me a better understanding of the techniques used to create a successful film and to utilise my experience, skills, and knowledge for a future career.

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