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Fashion Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

For me, fashion enables you to define yourself without even having to open your mouth. Your own unique style can tell a complete stranger everything they need to know about you and your personality, and the even bigger benefit is that you can change your style to suit your mood or the occasion.

I feel that clothing allows you to change the way you are perceived by society more easily than anything else you could change about yourself. By being a true style chameleon you can be anything you want to be. Designers that really encompass this feeling for me are Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, and in recent years, Victoria Beckham.

At school I excelled in Textiles and completed a complicated formal dress, involving an inner corset, for my final year project. This course allowed me to develop the practical skills needed to truly understand the fashion industry and my independent research gave me an insight in to textile manufacturing and development.

To help develop my own personal sense of style I worked part-time in High Street fashion store River Island during my time at college. Whilst there I learnt a lot about how to combine individual items to create whole outfits, as well as the business side of fashion such as staff management, deliveries, and visual merchandising.

Outside of my education I enjoy travelling as I feel this helps to inspire my future fashion choices and shows me how different cultures and climates have affected the way people dress. For me, part of the fun of travelling is bringing back clothing or accessories to remind you of your holiday at home.

I also enjoy being involved in social media, and run several of my own ‘blogs’. I hope that in the future my writing experience will enable me to gain work experience in a fashion journalism or editorial role.

I hope that my time at university will allow me to learn more about the manufacturing and designing side of the fashion industry so that I can begin to develop my own range of home ware textiles. 

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