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Economics Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

What stands out to me when I read one of the better newspapers is that economics often dominates the headlines. It is so ubiquitous it’s almost hidden in plain sight and many people don’t even realise they are debating economic policy and issues when they talk about what’s happening. The key position of economics in modern society has stimulated me to find out more about it at an increasing advanced level. The relationship between economics and large businesses really fascinates me and I have completed my extended project on this alongside my economics, maths and history A-levels.

Studying economics at university will give me the opportunity to delve deeper into this complex financial world and I look forward to applying my analytical skills to understand more about how economics influences the global business world.

My interest in economics goes beyond my college work. To learn new skills, I have set up a website that acts as a revision guide for economics for A-level students and also those doing economics at GCSE. As part of this I have started a blog in which I analyse and write about current economic issues, using knowledge gleaned from The Economist, newspapers and other publications.

My school specialises in business and enterprise and I was able to participate in a Young Enterprise project in which I formed a company with a small team of other students and we had to produce a business plan and sell products to other students. This was a great opportunity to practice some of the theory I had been learning and I found that it increased my confidence at communicating with others and taught me a lot about team work.

In my spare time I have worked at my local pet shop, something which has allowed me to see a small business in operation. I have also been able to deal with customers and to learn about caring for rabbits, guinea pigs, small birds and other pets. Through this I started to realise that the economic bottom line may not be the prime consideration in some situations, particularly where live animals and people are involved.

To relax, I like to read science fiction novels and I am an avid Sudoku fan. I am now applying some of the web building skills I have used in my website and blog on economics to designing and building a new website for the pet shop where I work on Saturdays.

I am convinced that I am making the right choice to study economics at university. My skills and determination to work hard and to look at all aspects of business success will carry me through three years of an economics degree and will lead me to a career in which I can apply my knowledge with integrity and with a high regard for people’s needs.

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