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Economics and Politics Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

Money and commerce has been a part of our society for thousands of years and politics and power struggles have been a major part of our society for even longer than that. At an early age I realised that economics and politics were intrinsically linked and that understanding both was the only true way to understand how our society functions.

Globalisation of commerce has made it easier for countries to become global superpowers but also for economic disasters, such as the Wall Street Crash, to occur.

My interest in both economics and politics made it impossible to choose between to two degrees so I am grateful that I have the chance to study the two disciplines together.

At college I was able to study Economics, Politics, History, and Sociology which I feel gave me a well-rounded insight into our relationship with money, power, and each other across the ages.

Whilst at school I was Chairperson of our Student Council which gave me hands on experience of a democracy and how the decisions of a small group of people affects the lives of a community as a whole.

This experience also helped me develop my organisational, teamwork, and leadership skills whilst giving me a sense of responsibility.

Outside of school I have a keen interest in cooking and how what you eat affects your physical and mental wellbeing. I take part in as many cookery classes as I can and am undertaking an online course in Health and Nutrition with e-learning provider Coursera.

I also try to lead an active lifestyle and am a regular runner. Throughout school and college I was a member of my local football team and I hope that this in an activity that I can continue at university.

My aim in studying Economics and Politics at university is to gain an entry level position in the financial sector. I hope that I can build on the skills, experience, knowledge, and personal attributes that I already have and achieve high grades in all my modules during my time studying at your university.  

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