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Economics & Math Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

I have always been interested in Mathematics and from an early age I showed an aptitude for logic and mathematical equations. As I got older I became more interested in how we use maths in everyday situations and how we can apply mathematical theories to the real world.

At school I excelled in Mathematics and during my final two years at secondary school I was able to pick up Critical Thinking as a subject. This allowed me to further develop my analytical skills and think logically about real life situations. I continued the study of Mathematics and Critical Thinking at college and also picked up Economics and Business Studies.

I enjoyed the challenge of developing my skills, knowledge, and experience during my time studying for A Levels and I look forward to further studying Economics and Maths at university.

Whilst at school I held the position of Senior Prefect and was a member of the Student Council. These positions taught me organisation, time management, leadership, and teamwork skills.

As a Senior Prefect I was responsible for organising the rest of the Prefects and allocating their roles around the school. Being part of the Student Council gave me further insight into how a democracy works and how that affects a community.

When I am not studying I try to live a healthy and active lifestyle and am involved in many local sports teams including football, rugby, and my local running club. My goal is to complete a half marathon within the next year and a full marathon in a year after that.

I also enjoy cooking, reading, and travelling as I like to explore other cultures. I hope that my love of travel will enable me to gain a role in an international company after graduation and learn more about economics on an international scale.

Gaining a position in the economic and financial industry will allow me to use my mathematical and analytical skills in real life situations and enable me to be involved in an industry that is vital to the survival of our society. 

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