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Economics and Finance Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

For thousands of years money and commerce has governed our society and as I have gotten older I have come to realise that economics is vital to the way our society operates. You only have to look at a daily newspaper to realise that our economic and financial issues affect our entire life and without a stable economy the world would come to a standstill.

At school I excelled in Mathematics and in my GCSE years I was able to first pick up the study of Economics. At college I was able to continue my study of Economics and also include Business Management and Financial Studies in my A Level choices.

To help me further understand how running a business works I took part in the school’s Young Enterprise scheme and also worked part time in my local department store.

This not only enabled me to see how a business works on a local level but also enabled me to see how stores communicate nationally and how different local trends affect the stock that is sent to each store.

I hope to be able to transfer to a store local to university and continue working and gaining more hands on experience. I also hope that the experience I already have will help me to gain a work experience placement in another company so I can compare how different organisations operate.

When I am not studying or working I spend a lot of time reading, in particular the murder mystery novels of Agatha Christie. I also enjoy gardening, cooking, and I hope to travel more in the future.

I feel that my skills, experience, and personal attributes make me the perfect candidate to study Economics and Finance. I am looking forward to the new challenges I will face at university and learning more about both the theoretical side of economics and finance and the real world application of these theories.

After university I hope to gain a position in a national company and get hands on experience of how their financial department operates and is managed.  

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