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Economics and Accountancy Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

Even as a young child I have always had an aptitude for Mathematics and to me accounting and money management should be a life skill rather than something limited to those few who work in the economic, financial, or accountancy industries.

Not only does money management affect people on an individual level but it also works on a local and global scale. Money, commerce, and accounting are a language spoken by all businesses, large or small, local or global, and are something that connects all of us.

As well as studying Economics and Business Studies at A Level I also studied Sociology and Psychology as a way of gaining a wide general knowledge of how society functions and the role that money plays in our lives.

Being able to understand how people’s minds work changes the way a company is organised and the management methods used to get the best out of their employees. I hope that my knowledge of this aspect of humanity will allow me to excel in my future career and become an effective manager.

At school I was keen to gain further knowledge of how a business works so I became involved in our school’s Young Enterprise scheme and also worked part time in my mother’s art gallery so I could get hands on experience of how a company works on a day to day basis.

When I am not studying I am an avid reader and enjoy reading crime thrillers and psychological fiction novels. I am also a member of my local writing group and hope to submit my own collection of short stories for publication within the next year.

Being able to study Economics and Accountancy at university will allow me to develop the skills and experience I need to enter into the accountancy profession whilst giving me further knowledge of how the industry works in general.

I feel that my personal attributes, dedication, and passion for the subject make me the ideal candidate for your course and give me the tools I need to be a successful student. 

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