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Design Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

Having a degree in Design gives any number of career options once you graduate and you could find yourself working a variety of industries. To start your journey into the world of design you’ll need to write a top quality personal statement.

If you’ve been struggling to find the right words here is an example of a personal statement for a Design degree:

One of the main aspects I love about design is that it is a part of our daily lives in a way that not many people realise. Every single thing that we see, wear, sit on, sleep on, or use throughout our day has been designed by someone for a specific purpose.

Having a degree in Design will allow me to work in almost any industry and use my skills and creativity to the full. At school I excelled in Art and Textiles which has led me to consider a career in fashion or home furnishings design after graduation.

From an early age I have enjoyed creative projects including knitting, cross stitch, painting. As well as taking Art at school I also attended evening classes at my local college where I was able to develop different art and design skills.

I also enjoy using the computer and software to create graphic art projects and have been teaching myself to use Photoshop, Illustrator, and other image editing tools. I hope that this will enable me to apply to a greater number of roles after graduation.

When I am not studying I am a keen sportsperson and have recently completed my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. This has not only allowed me to develop a sense of responsibility but has also enabled me to learn to rely on my own initiative.

I hope to continue on and achieve my Silver DofE Award whilst at university and strength my already strong communication and teamwork skills.

After graduation I hope to undertake internships in different industries so I can experience daily life in a diverse range of design roles and working with different companies.

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