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Computer Science Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

When I was about six, I was given a second hand computer. It has simple games that were sort of educational and I got bored with them very quickly. I remember being unable to contain my excitement when I worked out how to unscrew the case and see what was inside the tower – luckily it was unplugged at the time. Seeing the almost empty box and the simple components was a shock but I trace my interest in computers, using them, building them and taking them apart, to that day.

Progressing through school I concentrated on learning as much as possible about how computers work and I built my own computer when I was 14. Since then I have earned quite a bit of extra money repairing computers for my parent’s friends. Usually it’s something very simple to solve and I get frustrated that many people will throw out an old computer that could be useful to someone else.

Studying computer science at university would give me the chance to explore the latest technology and programming techniques and languages. I have built websites for several people and enjoy constructing a public interface with a computer, but what goes on inside the processor is what really fascinates me. This is a very rapidly moving industry and a new computer is out-of-date almost as soon as it’s released. This makes me very excited about the future as computers now play such a massive role in all aspects of our lives. Personal computers are only the tip of the iceberg.

In my spare time I also enjoy computer gaming and one of the reasons I have chosen your university is that the modules that you offer allow flexibility to study aspects of computer animation within computer science without doing a joint honours course. I have also worked hard to be able to play an instrument and have passed grade 5 exams in piano and cello. I find playing music on hand-made instruments quite relaxing now I have got past the difficult stage of learning and it’s a complete contrast to working with an electronic machine.

I am confident that I will be an active participant in university life. Although computer science can be quite a solitary subject, I am a gregarious person and I enjoy working as part of a team with others. For my work experience last summer I worked at a local printing company. I was amazed at the complexity of the equipment they use and at the level of reliance they have on computers. I wasn’t allowed to really have much hands-on experience with the printing equipment but I did learn a lot about running a small business and was impressed at how everyone shared the menial tasks such as boxing up business cards and leaflets. Team work was very important and I was able to fit into that very easily.

Going to university is now the next big step in my life and I feel that the persistence I have shown so far, and my willingness to give and take, will ensure that my three years as a student will be valuable and worthwhile.


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