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Commercial Law Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

I have always had an interest in the law and our modern legal system but in recent years I have developed a strong interest in Commercial Law and I look forward to having the opportunity to study it to a higher level.

I have taken an increasing interest in property rights and feel like a career in Commercial Law is right for me. As a dynamic and fast paced area of the law I feel that it is the best area to provide me an on-going intellectual challenge and offers a constant opportunity to discover new aspects of the legal system.

As new laws and regulations are frequently bought into place for businesses I will need to continually refresh my knowledge and I am looking forward to the intellectual challenge this will bring.

To help me gain the qualifications and skills needed for my future career I studied all four A Level subjects to completion including Law, Politics, and Business Studies. I feel that this helped me to develop my time management skills and equipped me with the organisational abilities I will need to be successful in my career.

As well as my compulsory subjects I was also a member of the college Debate Team which gave me a chance to develop my analytical skills and helped me to learn how to form a logical argument using the evidence in front of me.

I also completed a work experience placement with national solicitor’s firm, Eric Robinson, in my local branch. This allowed me to shadow solicitors during their day to day work and gain a better understanding of what it means to work in the legal system.

I hope that my time at university will allow me to undertake similar work placements and attend trips to important premises such as the County Court or Crown Court.

I am very much looking forward to the emotional, personal, academic, and intellectual challenge that studying Commercial Law at your university will bring. Completing my degree will set me on the correct path to a successful future career in Law.

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